Certified Business Technology Leaders online course is a 3-module training programme that helps you develop all the essential skills you need for leading the technology-driven business transformation. Learn management practices to plan, develop and operate digital products, solutions and services. This training programme gives all you need for harnessing the potential of technology to create value for your business.


Business Technology Leaders training programme consists of 3 x 2-day modules.

The course in intended for all business and IT leaders and experts who seek for practical ways to manage the information technology to bring value for the business

This training programme will be conducted in English.


Business Technology Academy’s Agile Leadership Training
At the end of the one-day course, you will understand the importance of:

  • You will get a 360⁰ view on the technology management scenery.

  • You will know how to make the best out of the technology with the support of people, practices and tools.

  • You will understand how to enable faster development while keeping things stable.

  • You will become a technology-savvy business leader who can advance your company’s business goals.

  • You will improve your career advancement opportunities


The training programme consists of six online training days and two to three pre-study days depending on the personal learning style. The eLearning tool used for pre-study assignments is a browser-based, time and location independent online training portal called the Roundtable.


A full refund will be provided for cancellations received up to 7 days prior to the course date. Alternatively, the participation can be rescheduled at a mutually acceptable date or substituted by another participant from the same company or organisation.

Refunds will not be given for a “no show” on the day.


The cost of the full training programme (6 days) is £3600 (+ VAT).

The training modules can also be sold separately. The costs per module are the following:

Modules 1-3 (2 days) £1370 + VAT / module
When enrolling please specify if you wish to attend the whole programme (6 days) or specific modules only.


After successfully passing the certification exams the participant will receive two certificates:

GREEN CARD – Certified Business Technology Standard Professional

CBTL – Certified Business Technology Leader


Interested to talk more about the course or discuss training needs for your organisation? The length and content of our training programmes can be tailored to fit your organisation’s specific needs.  Please contact us at btacademy@xonetic.com


28.10.2021 - 20.01.2022


  • Introduction
    28.10.2021 at 9:30-11:30 - Online
  • Module 1: Creating business value with technology – Business Technology operating model and ecosystem management
    17.-18.11.2021 - Online
  • Module 2: Initiatives into actions – Demand & Development Management
    15.-16.12.2021 - Online
  • Module 3: Next level service excellence, management and automation– Services
    19.-20.1.2022 - Online
Coach & Facilitator


I like my work best when I can motivate and help other people. I constantly strive for excellence in everything I do and I’m open to different ideas that challenge my views. I believe in constant change which drives my innovative mindset. My background is both in technology and business with more than 15 years’ experience ranging from demand, development to service management. I enjoy taking initiative and carry out new ventures.

I try to keep things simple and bring my skills when I coach and facilitate to inspire people and help them innovate. I’m passionate about all forms of facilitation and coaching be it face-to-face or virtual facilitation. I also enjoy creating different e-learning training, holding innovation workshops and design thinking hackathons.

I also find it very important to nurture my creative side along the way (visual arts: photography, sketching, videography and all areas of design) through both my work and hobbies – which I’m happy to say I get to do often enough.


Coach & Facilitator


I work as coach and facilitator in the Business Technology Academy. My focus is business simulation games such as the DevOps simulation. I consider myself a full-stack Business Technology professional of sorts. During the past 20+ years, I’ve worked in wide range of various IT and business management roles in and with organizations ranging from global enterprises to startups in a variety of industries.

I enjoy looking for new perspectives to phenomena and challenging myself and others to continuously develop ourselves and to expand our thinking. Being in the discomfort zone is the way to grow. As a coach I like to cross breed theoretical frameworks, practical examples, illuminating stories and humour. I see simulation games as a perfect way to combine these into an engaging and fun day.    

I enjoy exploring life through various projects and experiments. Some of these involve focused self-development both physically and mentally, while others focus more on creative aspirations related to areas like photography, writing and digital media..


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