Moving from Task Orientated to Value Orientated

How can you optimise your workforce to produce the best possible value for your company?

Why Change?

Many organisations manage work by understanding the associated tasks, breaking them down, sorting and planning, to give a forward view of what activities a team or employees are undertaking.

This is a very powerful tool and an approach that has withstood the test of time, I often think that lists are the most powerful tech ever invented.

Teamwork during

But what if your teams and employees are out of reach? What if you can’t easily see what your teams are doing on a daily basis? It’s easy to lose track of the tasks on a daily basis.

Covid-19 has accelerated the onset of distributed teams and remote working, which in turn makes using ‘task orrientated appoaches’ to measure work and effort look out of place.

A Business Technology mindset
asks a different question, one which is
centred around value, not tasks.


We ask the question…

“What value did the team create that has a direct impact on the value streams in your organisation?”

Running a Remote Workforce

At Xonetic our Digital Energy mindset has put us at the forefront of digital ways of working. Our Business Technology framework sets out how business can move to a value based operating model, unlocking the problems associated with running a remote workforce.

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Value Orientated